Tuesday, April 20, 2010

--------------- April 8, 2010---------------------------------

The day dawned with more challenges to our flexibility.

1. two of our interpreters are no longer available (one has malaria)
2. one piece of luggage with medical supplies still not arrived
3. Lee was almost arrested (details below)Text Color

But on the lighter side, we spent time with the boys at Jamaa Letu orphanage this afternoon.

(new soccer balls- thanks Tony).

And we got all our medical supplies repacked into 6-passenger plane-approved duffle bags, and scaled down our personal items to 4 pounds per person for the trip to Kapanga tomorrow.

Methodist Connection in action> Rob, Lee, and Tony’s field trip to the pharmacy in Lubumbashi took a side turn today… a little more excitement then our team needed. While Rob and GBGM missionary David Persons were in the back room making their big drug purchase, Lee decided to take a few innocent photos of the outer door of Galaxy pharmacy. He was immediately surrounded by 4 large men who wanted to see his ‘photography authorization card’. A large mob-style crowd gathered, along with a few local police. Cool–hand Luke (aka Lee) brought David into the fracus, who scolded the locals for harassing the team (this was a scam to get money from Lee). They wanted $250 to ‘go away’. After the governor was contacted (by David), the potentially explosive moment ended as quickly as it had begun.

Thoughts of the day>
1. friendships renewed
2. anticipation of flight to Kapanga tomorrow
3. flexibility works!

Posted by Janet Kaiser, April 8, 2010

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